When it comes to making a premium cocktail, taste is complemented by the visual aspect. Great juice recipes mean nothing if the finished product looks terrible. Consumers don’t just want a delicious cocktail, they want a beautiful cocktail. It’s got to look good on an Instagram snap, right? After all, these are the shots that get you that advertising boost- without even having to invest cash.

For bar owners, this means going the extra mile to make your drinks look amazing. To do this, you’ll need an array of soft fruit, to use in the making of the drink or as a garnish. You need more than just a great cocktail and juice recipes. These little extras can be extremely important in the presentation of the finished product. We provide bars with all the bar supplies you need to make your drinks stand out.

Whether it be soft fruit or herbs, Who Knows provide the best ingredients to give your mixologists the raw materials they need to show off their flair. Throw them into your juice recipes and watch the magic happen!

Fruit Purees

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