If you require fresh fruit to use in any part of your operation, then we can ensure you stay ahead of the competition. In order to create our fruit juices, we’ve had to become extremely knowledgeable about fruit seasonality. In fact, we’ve gotten sourcing great fruit down to a fine art. The fruit we source is always of optimum quality.
Not only do we use it in our own products, we also source fruit for other vendors like you. Whether you’re planning to sell it on, throw it in a drink or use it in a recipe, we can bring you the best product available.
Save yourself time and money by capitalising on our 25 years of experience in the industry. We can provide you with tasty fresh fruit, quickly and efficiently. Instead of wasting resources on a substandard product, stick with the team Who Knows.

Fruit Supply

If you would like more information or a FREE sample of our freshly squeezed juice, please contact the team.

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