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Recently, we’ve all been aware of the drive to bring better quality produce to our children’s schools. This is an ideal that we wholeheartedly agree with and are working to make a reality. When it comes to public sector establishments such as hospital canteens and school cafeterias, we want to see more nutritious products on offer. Our juices can be consumed alone or incorporated into other juice recipes to bring tasty, nutritious beverages to public sector establishments.

The recent drive to bring sugar tax into play by 2018, will mean that more public establishments will have to source healthier beverages to remain cost effective. Our freshly squeezed products are all as nature intended, with no added nasties.

However, we are more aware than most that sourcing quality ingredients and finding the best product method takes time. In fact, it takes more time than most people have. Especially those working in busy canteens and cafeterias.

We’re here to help. Our operation means that we’re well equipped to cater to large-scale. Our juice will make its way to your establishment within 24 hours of ordering and will always be fresh. In this age where health is becoming more and more of a public concern, nutritious choices are becoming the more cost effective option too.


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