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We have a wide range of customers who enjoy our freshly squeezed juice products ranging from Cocktail Bars, to Farm Shops, to large scale catering opearations. What binds them together is their desire to give their customers a first class product that will keep them coming back for more.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our customer spotlights below to see what our customers think about our 100% natural freshly squeed juices and also to show you what some of our customers are doing with the juice they order. It might even give you a bit of inspiration to try it out yourself.

Thyme Out, Manchester - Testimonial

Would you like to try out some of our freshly squeezed orange or apple juice?

Customer Spotlight

Customer: Glenshee Craft Distillers
Industry: Food & Drink Manufacturers
Specialty: Gin Distillery

“At Persie Distillery, we produce a family of highly aromatic gins whose flavour profiles are modelled from tastings research conducted among nearly 4,000 Scottish gin fans. It’s a small batch operation where quality and consistency from batch-to-batch are paramount.

“When we were developing our Dachshund Gin Liqueur, we knew that we would need to supplement our own supply of cold-pressed lime and orange juice (a by-product of one of our other gin recipes which calls for just the zest rather than juice) in order to meet demand. What we were super keen to identify was a company which shares our enthusiasm for quality and customer service.

“Since teaming up with WhoKnowsLtd, we’ve enjoyed supremely reliable, friendly service. The quality of their freshly squeezed lime and orange juice – which lies at the heart of our Persie Dachshund Gin Liqueur – is outstanding. It’s bright and fresh. It arrives here exactly when we need it. It’s also packaged really well, being delivered to our Glenshee-based Distillery still beautifully chilled.

“What more could we possibly want from a juice partner? WhoKnows?”

Simon Fairclough
Distiller and Managing Director

Genshee Distillery Website 

Customer Spotlight

Customer: Prince of Wales Pub Moseley
Industry: Bars & Restaurants (Mixologists)
Specialty: Cocktails

“We have been using Who Knows as the supplier for our citrus juices for close to a year now. Deliveries are performed weekly, and Tracy and her team have never been less than exceptional in all aspects of their business.

The quality of the products delivered is second to none, the manner in which deliveries are packaged is very thoughtful and helps to keep the juice cool during transport.

The team are fast, responsive to messages and have always left me feeling reassured that I never have to worry about keeping our bar well-stocked.”

Jim Langran
Bar Manager

Prince of Wales Moseley

Customer Spotlight

Customer: Thyme Out Deli
Industry: Cafe/Bistro, Catering
Specialty: Inventive and Fresh Brunch and Lunch Dishes 

“We have been using who knows for about 6 months now.

The quality of the produce is excellent, we have lots of compliments on our juices.

The staff are also very friendly and helpful also willing to help if we need to change anything and delivery is always on time.

We would recommend this company very highly.”

Thyme Out Deli (Manchester)

Thyme Out Food Co Website

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