When it comes making cocktails that come top of the class, a mixologist must have the best resources at their disposal. In addition to premium spirits, this includes fruit juice, garnishes and even fruit puree!

Fruit puree is an essential ingredient in many popular cocktails such as fruit daiquiris and martinis. They save time in the cocktail making process, allowing you to provide a quick and efficient bar service whilst still serving up tasty drinks.

Although many establishments opt to buy off-the-shelf pre-packaged purees, these often don’t pack in quite the level of taste we’d expect in a zesty cocktail. After all, customers expect the best when they pay top dollar for a drink. We take as much care with our fruit purees as we do with our fruit juice to ensure you receive a product that’s chock-full of flavour.

Our fruit puree could be the secret weapon you’ve been missing!

Fruit Purees

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