Food & Drink Manufacturers

Are you a food or drinks manufacturer looking to source the best ingredients to add to your products? We work with companies like you to bring our SALSA accredited juices to your operation. Why deprive your consumers of an orange juice nutrition boost?

Incorporate our juices into your production line. They have already been proven to be a high calibre addition to carbonated sodas, preserves and other long life items.

The natural flavourings in our juices help to liven up pre-prepared dishes and cater to the health conscious consumer.

If you’re interested in incorporating our products, contact us. We cater to demands of all scales and are more than happy to discuss ways to bring our nutritious items to you.

“Clementine juice was amazing and the sorbet we’ve made was spot on. Super nice service and prompt delivery.”

Snowflake Gelato


If you would like more information or a FREE sample of our freshly squeezed juice, please contact the team.

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