If you want to shake up a killer French Martini, a pina colada or give your baked goods some tropical flair, you’ll need pineapple juice. More than this, you’ll need great pineapple juice. The good news? We happen to have some on hand!

Pineapple juice is renowned for having some amazing health benefits. In one 8 ounce cup of this unsweetened juice, you’ll find 30mg of magnesium and 33mg of calcium. Throw in its 25mg of Vitamin C and a further 0.75mg of iron and you’ll start to see why pineapple is so revered.

This juice is pasteurized and foil sealed for freshness. It lasts a bit longer than our freshly juiced products, making it ideal for those who need a longer shelf life.

Add some tropical zest to your ranks with this exquisite juice drink.


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