What Does the Future Hold for the Cocktail Market?

Every single industry, business and person has been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. In these times of uncertainty, it’s difficult to feel optimistic about the future. Perhaps more than ever before, we could really do with a good old-fashioned cocktail. Many of us have had to adapt and for those in the cocktail industry, things have changed a lot. We have seen distilleries, mixologists, bars and restaurants be more innovative than ever before. So, what does the future hold for the cocktail market?

Delivery Services

It’s uncertain when restaurants and cocktail bars will return completely to normal although a further ease of restrictions will be part of phase 3, but this doesn’t mean the demand for their services has decreased. Quite the opposite in fact. People have been deprived of contact and celebration for a long time now. We’re all starting to crave a catch-up with friends over cocktails. But because it wasn’t feasible to do so on public premises for a long time, companies have started offering delivery services to their customers. This means you and your friends can still enjoy a professionally-made drink from the comfort of your own home, or if you are celebrating with your team – at the office. We definitely think that these companies will continue with this service offering as it will still remain popular. It may not be that everyone is rushing out to bars and restaurants, or it could be that more people are appreciating a good night in.

Pre-Mixed Cocktail Drinks

Pre-mixed cocktail drinks are also becoming increasingly popular amongst the consumer. Not everyone has the skills of Tom Cruise in cocktail and prefer an approach that allows them to have a tasty cocktail, but without the effort! Pre-made cocktails can be the perfect combination. It doesn’t mean that they should have to compromise on quality however, premium ingredients can still be used to make the perfect pre-mixed drink.

A Budding Interest in Mixology

We have seen lots of bartenders and mixologists take to social media lately and divulging some of their trade secrets when it comes to recipes. We have also seen a lot of them showcasing their flairtending talents with live cocktail making classes and streams. This has sparked more interest from the consumer than ever. We envisage customers having more knowledge than ever when it comes to cocktails and the ingredients, and taking more care when choosing their drinks.

If you’re a mixologist who’s learning to adapt in the current climate or your bar is opening up again soon – then contact us for your free sample of lemon or lime juice.