The Best Gin Mixer Ideas This Year

While gin can be enjoyed as a standalone drink, many people prefer to have it with a mixer. You’ll hear a lot of people talking about having a gin and tonic but is this the best mixer to taste the flavour of the gin? With the popularity of fruit infused gins, we are starting to see more people branch out and try new gin mixer ideas.

In this blog, we are going to explore some of the best gin mixer ideas. Keep reading if you are thinking about switching things up at home or at a party.


Tonic is the classic choice for gin lovers around the world. This is because of the way that the flavour mixes with the gin and doesn’t overpower it. Of course, you can get various kinds of tonic including Indian tonic water and slimline tonic. Whether you like dry gin or fruit-infused gin, tonic water can really bring the drink together. Who doesn’t love a G&T?

Fruit Juice

While many people are opting for fruit infused gins this year, others are adding fruit juice as a mixer instead. This can include anything from freshly squeezed orange juice to pink grapefruit and mango juice. Another common fruit juice mixer for dry gin is cranberry and raspberry but it is all down to personal taste.

Flavoured Lemonade

If you aren’t keen on tonic water then a flavoured lemonade mixer might be more to your tastes. Flavoured lemonade is becoming extremely popular recently and it can taste pretty great. We love some gin with rose lemonade or even pomegranate lemonade. This adds a bit of fizz to the drink and it is perfect for entertaining guests at parties.

Soda Water

Finally, you will find that soda water is becoming a great mixer for gin when it comes to flavoured liqueurs. With soda water, you will bring your glass of gin to life and it will be fizzy without changing the flavour. Soda water goes best with flavoured gins but you can still have it with your favourite dry gin.

Try Them Today

If you are a gin lover like us, you will want to make sure that you are trying out all of these fantastic mixers. Many people stick with the classic G&T but there is plenty more out there for you to enjoy. If you are thinking about trying out some freshly squeezed juice then make sure to take a look around our site. We have plenty on offer and our juice can make your gin cocktail stand out!

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